In the Event of an Emergency

Recently, one of our pet sitting clients went out of town and he left us in charge of his house and dogs.

This job is somewhat of a routine now, after 2 years of his short trips and ocassional two-week-long tropical siesta rum-drinking adventures, we know the ins and outs of handling his dogs and just about where everything important is in his beautiful home.

But, this one particular time our dear client did NOT fill out the Service Request form for us and we desperately needed to contact him. In our book, neglecting this little job is like a hot dog without ketchup …it’s a big NO-NO.

The form that was so conveniently still on the kichen counter is important because if something were to happen to us, to his pet(s) or to his house, we’d know how to contact him.

Well, luckily for cell phones and emails, right??? Usually. In this case he had lost his phone during the trip and what cell phone and internet connection was there was terribly unreliable. They were in South America!

You know the book, “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” Well, that’s what I felt like asking. I had no idea if he was in the United States or visiting some war-torn country. All I knew is that I needed to tell him that there had been an electrical fire in his home and to see if he wanted me to try and salvage anything before the fireman arrived to douse the flames.

Since I couldn’t reach him, I took some things out that I thought he’d want saved. His dogs made it out safe and all was fine in the end.

Had this been worse or of a different nature, a short conversation with the owner (if possible) could’ve made things so much easier. Luckily it was minor but PLEASE, if you have us care for your pets while you’re gone, tell us where you’re going!

Technology is great but please let us know what city and state you’ll be in. If you’re leaving the country, tell us that too. And a contact phone number for the hotel, condo, hostel or whatever lodging facility you’ll be using would be very nice to have, in the event of an emergency.

Kelley Stewart
sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC

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