Tips for Taking Your Pet to the Veterinarian

Are you taking your pet the the vet for the first time? If so, here’s a list of things to do:
Muncie Pet Sitter taking dogs to veterinarianFor dogs:
1) Make sure the collar is tight enough so it can’t slip over his head;
2) Make sure the leash is short enough. By allowing your dog the full length of the leash your dog can run and jump on people and other pets;
3) Stay calm. If you overreact or get nervous, your dog will feed off of those emotions.
4) Keep treats handy just in case so you can get or keep his attention; and
5) Give your dog ample time to relieve himself prior to walking into the vet’s office.
For Cats:
1) Consider taking your cat in a carrier;
2) If you don’t use a carrier, use a towel or blanket to wrap around your cats lower body to prevent scratches and for comfort.
All pets:
1) Have prior medical and or vet records and a list of medications;
2) Prepare a list of questions or concerns;
3) Keep a diary of your pets eating habits, drinking habits, health concerns, activity level and take that with you to the vet.
4) Ask your vet if they use e-mail or prefer clients call with questions.

Something else dog owners can do to acclimate their dog or puppy to the vet: pop in for just a quick visit or two prior to the actual appointment. Sit in the lobby or walk around a little. Reward your dog for good behavior. Letting him get used to the smells and sounds while just sitting in the lobby will go a long way to helping him get acclimated to this new place.

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