What’s On Your Wall?

What’s On Your Wall?

The other day I was pet sitting for one of my regular clients and I took a moment to look at her dinosaur wall. I immediately thought to myself, “What’s on my wall?” Literally speaking, I thought of my home and the walls there, what I purposefully surround myself with…then I thought abstractly, like, what’s on the wall of my mind and heart. On one hand, I felt feelings of excitement and motivation, on another, I felt despair and regret.


Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel defeated, lifeless and like you’re just going through the motions? Well, that’s easy to do if you don’t stay focused on what you really love and fail to act on what inspires you.


I think the number one reason I slip into negative thought patterns is because my wall doesn’t necessarily have positive things displayed. It’s littered with reminders of the past. A past divorce. A past job separation. A past relationship gone sour. A lot of sadness. These reminders pull me down like an anchor. Thoughts of failures and words from ill-meaning people float up and clutter my wall with debris.


Take the picture above. To you it may look like dinosaurs with post-it notes, but to the person who placed those items there, I’m sure it’s a creative inspiration, a positive reminder of her future, her dreams and unbeknownst to her, a motivation for me.


So what’s on your wall? Do you harbor guilt, thoughts of failure. Is your mind plagued with “what if’s” and “can’ts”? Do you feel stuck, like you’re spinning your wheels trying to keep your head above water? If any of these things ring true for you, please take a good look at where the thoughts and feelings are coming from. Past mistakes and failures can help propel you to something bigger yet a fear of failure can keep you from having success.


Take down the junk that’s littering your walls: the walls of your heart, the walls of your mind. If an ex keeps popping his or her way back into your life bringing negative emotions, put your foot down and stop allowing it. If thoughts of insecurity pop up like weeds in a garden, drown them with positive affirmations. Feelings of doubt and failure? Remember that everyone stumbles and that growth is not possible without a little bruising along the way. Going through this cartharsis will help you heal and grow. How many times did Edison have to try the light bulb before it finally worked? Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and numerous positive changes are the building blocks to your brighter future.


When you look around your house, do you see things that bring negative thoughts and energy? Replace ’em! Are the colors of your walls drab and dreary, buy some paint and do a renovation.


I’ll leave you with a few inspiring thoughts: You are worth it! You can do it. You have valuable experiences to share.  You have a purpose here and someone is desperately waiting to hear your story. Be an encourager. Don’t dwell on past mistakes–use them as a stepping stone.


Thanks for reading, if you feel like posting a comment or sharing something on your heart, feel free to in the comment section.

Hasta luego,










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