Muncie ARF: Superbowl Party for Pets

Muncie ARF doesn’t want you to leave your pets out of the Superbowl festivities!

I had the pleasure of working with Terri Panzsi, from ARF, Sarah Jones and many Ivy Tech Culinary Arts students earlier this week in creating Superbowl Party Pet Platters.

Hundreds of dog bones and jerky was dunked, decorated and sweetened up and assembled in nifty platters. We included a few of our homemade Bully Bones in each platter as well so be sure to pick up yours soon. We started with 46 but there’s not many left. Contact ARF at 765-282-2733 to order yours.  Click here to order some of delicious, nutritious Bully Bones , call 765-744-5688 or visit our web site.

Thank you for letting us get involved with your fundraiser!

Kelley Stewart

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