Boxer On The Run

In between pet sitting clients today, a friend called me because this handsome male Boxer showed up at her house. She wanted to know what she should do, I told her I’d come over and take a peek at him. Well, he was gorgeous! Super friendly, very mellow, good on leash. We took him to Westview Animal Clinic to see if he was microchipped and low and behold he was. After a few turn of events, his owner was found and his home was only around the corner from where we found him. Thank goodness! His owner let him out to potty this morning — off leash — and he took off. This is just another example of why it’s good to have your pet microchipped, with updated information tied to the chip number. If he had an identification tag on his collar he would’ve been returned much quicker but that’s ok, we enjoyed hanging out with this beautiful fellow.

Oh, this was the second dog we helped reunite today. Check out the Husky we helped earlier

Just another day in my world,



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p.s. Is your pet microchipped? If not, talk to your veterinarian about it. Make sure your pet has identification tags on, at all times, in case they slip their leash or run out of the house.

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