I’m 40! Where Did The Time Go?


What an awesome year! Some fantastic things happened in 1972 including, HBO hit the airwaves, Nike hit the ground running, Apollo made their last trip to the moon AND Kelley Stewart was born to a single mom in lil’ old Muncie, Indiana.

Little did my mom know how much hell I’d put her through as a child, more so as a teenager, but hopefully I’ve grown to make her proud. (smile)

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see what my life has been like up to the big 4-0…

Thanks to HBO, my eyes were opened to pornography for the first time. Ugh. My best friend and I, God rest her soul, would sneak and watch that filth when my parents went bowling. One of us would squat down by the door, with an ear pressed against it, listening for any noice coming from the driveway. The other, in control of the tv and volume, usually leading the way with the “oohh, yuck!” and “what in the world?” comments. Little did we know that our minds would be filled with those graphic images for days, weeks, months and even years. Way before airbrushing and self-tanners, we saw the good, the bad and the ugly as it was – naturally. Unfortunately, those images led to issues we had to deal with, and are still dealing with, in our lives.

Can’t really say much about Nike except that I hated Nike back then. Really. That little swoosh was a reminder that I wasn’t a “cool kid”. When I started middle school, there was an obvious divide between the ‘haves and have nots’. The rich kids had Nikes; I wore shoes from Kmart. Gasp…Kmart!

Watching the replays of the last mission to the moon was exciting and mind-boggling. I still don’t understand how that thing could fly that far!

Now onto more present day activities (in no particular order)…As I look back at my life and look at what I’ve done so far, I definitely thank my parents for sharing their love of adventure and travel with me. I thank them for providing me a good childhood and for loving me. Here are some of the highlights of my life thus far…my body has endured the miraculous gift of childbirth and I’ve had the privilege of rearing  a beautiful, almost 20 year old daughter. My hands have had the pleasure of holding and touching beautiful people, helping people in need, giving the gift of beauty through haircuts and other ‘beautification procedures’. I’ve graduated from really 2 great and universities. I’ve started my own business and have been successful with it thus far. I’ve traveled to Europe and many states in America thanks to parents who thought it was important for me to travel. I’ve soaked up the sun and laid on the beach in Hawaii and walked through castles in Landstuhl. My hands have planted seed and I’ve witnessed what water, sunlight and good soil will do. My eyes have seen tremendous cruelty and abuse committed against animals and humans. I’ve used my voice to speak up in some of these situations. For those I didn’t, the faces and cruelty and abuse haunts me. I’ve visited Diamondhead Volcano, my soul wept when I witnessed oil seeping from the carnage at Pearl Harbor. A newborn baby, I mean NEWBORN baby, one fresh out of the womb, graced my hands. Fresh blood and mucous permeated the air and stained my kitchen floor. I kinda felt like a doctor! Death has been in my hands as well. Don’t worry though; I dont’ have a secret I’m harboring and I’m not a murderer! My grandma slipped away from her earthly body and countless pets have gone to the other side while in my hands or while they were near me. While living in Germany, my family and took a tour through Dachau Concentration Camp. That’s an event I will not ever forget. Seeing my grown father cry when we were face to face with the crematorium is a memory that will always be with me. As we traipsed the grounds thousands of people perished, a very somber mood came upon us. I’ve been victimized, bullied and have taken part in hurting other people, regretably. Most importantly, I’ve come to know Christ as my saviour and He has taken all the guilt and shame away. He’s made me a new creation!

I’m so glad I’ve experienced these things; they’ve helped shape this 40-year-old young woman. I say YOUNG woman because I’m not ready to kick the bucket yet. I don’t feel over the hill. I have dreams and desires I’d like to see come to fruition.

With a clear head and sound mind, I’m ready to tackle the next 40 and beyond.

Thanks for reading,

Kelley Stewart


sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more LLC

“Your pet sitting, dog walking, poop scooping specialists!”



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