Pet Peeves

I’m feeling a little snippy today & thought I’d share some of my pet peeves…

–playing the “you go”, no “I’ll go” game at 4-way stops
–people that leave their dogs outside without shelter
–walking into a public bathroom & finding a faucet running (does no one else have the common courtesy to shut it off?)
–going to a restaurant & having to watch a toddler/young person with extremely bad behavior
–people that neglect their pets
–going to get my favorite fountain drink & the machine being out of order
–going to Pizza Hut (in Muncie) to have some fantastic vegetarian, hawaiian -sans ham & cheese pizza from the buffet ONLY to find out the buffet is full of MEAT pizza & they refuse to make ANY veggie pizza 😦

OK, that’s it. Thanks for listening. I feel better now!

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