52 Year Wedding Anniversary

You never know what blessings God has in store for you if you take the time to stop and listen…

This afternoon, hurriedly I ran into Factory Card Outlet to buy some last-minute cards. As I was walking down the card aisle, an elderly gentleman looked at me and asked where the birthday cards were. In the back of my mind I thought for just a second, hey—I don’t work here, but then I paused and said a silent thank you to Jesus for giving me this opportunity to help this man.

As we were rummaging through the unorganized racks, he said he already had an anniversary card but needed to find his one for his wife’s birthday. We finally found 2 rows of ‘Wife Birthday’ cards and began chatting. I’m so glad I took the time to stop and share a little time with this man, the next 20 or so minutes was a real treat!

Here’s what he shared with me during our brief encounter:

  • his wife turns 72 on Jan 30
  • today is their 52 wedding anniversy
  • they have one daughter, no grandkids
  • they had their daughter 10 years into their marriage
  • he served in the Korea War for 3 years
  • he served in WW2
  • he was Lieutenant Commander for 1500 men inWW2, saw many horrible things
  • he had a stroke years ago, which thankfully removed most of his memory of the wars he served in
  • he feels the government is taking more and more away from our military unfortunately, one example–once you reach $100,000 gross, the military only pays for medical coverage for 3 years but graciously vets can still be seen at Vet Hospitals and be buried at Arlington…neither of which he is a fan of!
  • his wife says they’ll be buried together (he raised his eyebrows because he wasn’t sure if she meant at the same time…LOL)

I asked what the secret to 52 years of marrige were, he said, “A lot of drinking!”

His alcohol problem began when he served in war, he coped by drinking himself, almost to death, but praise God, his wife stuck beside him, he beat alcoholism and today they’re celebrating 52 years…that’s a miracle in my opinion…

We proceeded to talk about other things, life, government, kids, and he reminded me once again that he had flowers in the car for his wife and he needed to get going. I wished him and his wife a very Merry Christmas and told him to give his wife a big birthday hug for me.

Before we checked out, I thanked him for serving our country, fighting to protect us and for giving himself to his country. I patted him on his shoulder and bid him farewell…as I was walking out of Factory Card Outlet, I thanked God for this chance meeting and for bringing this man back here alive.

……..today I’m saying a very special prayer for him. He was such a nice, polite, soft-spoken gentleman, I hope he and his wife have many, many good years left.

Thankful for His Blessings,

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