Rip Roaring Good Time

Boston and Mommy

The 2010 Luv-A-Bull March was a blast!

Over 300 people & their beautiful dogs, including pit bulls, dachshunds, bull mastiffs & huskies, walked around downtown Indianapolis silently protesting BSL (breed specific legislation) & showing the public how great our dogs can be. Dozens of high schoolers with Future Farmers of America were headed to their event & many stopped to ‘eewww & awww’ over the gorgeous dogs & the handsome bully to the left gave lots of shakes & kisses. We stopped & chatted with one group of enthusiastic students. The girls indicated they had never seen THAT many pit bulls let alone that many dogs together. I shared my opinion with how the media portrays bullies & one girl said she thought all pit bulls were mean…Boston gave her those sad puppy dog eyes & another kiss. Hopefully that changed her mind!

All in all, it was a very well organized event. Thank you’s go out to all the people who volunteered & to all the participants.

The event will be in October 2011 so if you’re interested in walking, please contact Indy Pit Crew.

For the bullies,

sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC
“Your pet sitting, dog walking, poop scooping specialists!”

p.s. If your dog needs to work on his leash manners, we can help. We offer basic obedience training & individual training for loose-leash walking. Go HERE to learn more.

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