Tyson’s Road to Recovery

10-13-10 nice lady just picked me up, she’s taking me to the doctor. all i had to eat the days before was uncooked ramen noodles (yuck) and a slice of bread. I was so hungry I started eating the walnuts that were falling into my water bowl. I didn’t know they can make dogs sick 😦
wow, doctor says I weigh 47lbs! doc says I might have distemper & she gave me medicine for infection. she said I might not live and I should be kept away from other dogs for awhile in case I’m contagious.
10-15-10 awww, nice lady giving me a kiss, makes me feel so much better! I don’t keep my head straight for some reason.

nice lady says I look kinda goofy, all I know is I’m feeling better!

I overheard nice lady and guy talking about walnut shell toxicity and something about mimicking signs of distemper?

10-16-10 my belly’s getting bigger! my scrotum are kinda icky but I don’t wobble so much. nice lady says I’m holding my head straighter & my gait (whatever that is) is getting better. again, I heard them saying that if dogs eat walnut shells, they can develop neurological symptoms and get lethargic and stop eating. that’s exactly what happened to me!

10-20-10 I love all this attention I’m getting! nice lady feeds me, loves me, gives kisses,
she takes me on walks & says I’m still little wobbly but getting more stable and what’s better – there’s no walnuts to eat!

10-31-10 what a nice day for a walk, I’m enjoying the grass & like being out of the kennel.
Grrr…Happy Halloween!
10-31-10 what’s that? you wanna know if I’m up for adoption? nope. not now!
10-31-10 nice lady tries to get me to jump over the fallen tree
10-31-10 check out my toofers!

10-31-10 nice lady & nice man sat down to hang out, I carried the blanket out from the dog house cuz they were cold. I tried to fix it but needed a little help…I love cuddling with my peeeeeople!

UPDATE 2017 – Thank you for taking the time to check out Tyson’s story. This fella lived with college guys and my daughter’s boy friend and I’d see him a few times a week throughout the summer in 2010. I always had my eye on him and told them if they ever needed help with Tyson, they could call me.

Eventually the boyfriend did call when he saw the dog near death and unable to lift his head off of the ground!

After getting a good tongue lashing about letting Tyson dog get in such bad shape I rushed him to the vet, got him treated for infection and started a ‘fatten up’ mission. My intent was to eventually adopt him out once he was healthy…but..he stayed put!

7 years later he’s one of the best dogs I’ve ever had. He was beside my granddaughter when she started crawling, helped her learn to walk and was her constant companion when she was little. Strange thinking the the dog standing beside her was once her daddy’s (neglected and starving) dog.

In 2014, I brought in a little 2-legged Chihuahua, again, to foster and then adopt out, but Tyson, Boston (my other pit bull, RIP Bossman) and Sonny became such good friends I couldn’t break up the three amigos.

Life has been good for Tyson since he left that backyard. He’s been on so many adventures, gone swimming and camping, met so many new friends and slept in a warm bed every night. I’ve watched his face get greyer and greyer but I’m here until he takes his last breath.

Please, if you ever see a dog (or other pet) in horrible situations, speak up, speak out and try and help that pet. If you’re afraid to do anything, call us at 765-744-5688 and tell us about the issue. I’ll make sure that pet is checked on and helped if it’s needed.

 Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
“Your pet sitting, dog walking, poop scooping specialists!” 
Tyson, Boston and Sonny
Tyson, Boston (RIP) and Sonny, best buddies, AKA los tres amigos in 2015.

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