Tyson–rescued pit bull

On October 13 I received a call from a friend. He wanted me to pick up his dog because they couldn’t afford to feed him. After picking the dog up we discovered he was sick. The veterinarian suggested distemper was the culprit but after a few days worth of antibiotics, Tyson is on the rebound.

Tyson’s original owner told me that on a few occasions he’d see Tyson picking up walnut seeds then drop them in his bowl of water…that got me thinking. I researched and discovered that walnut seed hulls are toxic to dogs because of a mold/fungi that grows on them. Some of the symptoms mimic distemper…so…not sure if he had distemper or it was walnut seed poisoning. I’m thinking it’s more than likely the later, but who knows.

Whatever the culprit, Tyson seems to be a happier boy now.

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