Guilty as Charged

Guilty as Charged
It’s not too often that I make a ‘home-cooked’ meal these days,
especially one that doesn’t involve the George Foreman
grill or the microwave.
So when I prepared all the ingredients for vegetable lasagna,
you can imagine the glee I had knowing I’d
have leftovers for a few days.
This little fella beat me to the punch and finished off the goodies.
Somehow he managed to get the dish off the counter,
without breaking it I might add…
 and if I didn’t know better,
I would’ve thought he put it in the dishwasher
because it was spotless…silly boy…hope your belly’s full.
Still hungry,
p.s. WORD to the wise…put your freshly baked, hot off the oven
lasagna in the stove to cool versus on the counter. I wonder if his mouth got burned? hmmm 🙂

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