Sunday Walk with Ruby

Sunday Walk with Ruby

A ‘recently acquired’ friend of mine has 4 dogs and we’ve decided to barter for services. She gets her dogs walked free of charge and I get one of mine groomed. YAY!!

Her dogs are definitely getting the better end of the deal but hey, at least Bear Bear won’t be a shaggy dog for long.

Sunday was my first visit with her pack and boy, let me tell you, they are LOVELY.

For dogs that rarely get outside of the confines of their property, they were very well behaved and Ruby, the beautiful white shepherd, has excellent leash manners despite being a little ‘nervous’ about the whole situation.

Upon the start of our little escapade, I implemented the clicker. When I called her name, I clicked and treated. When I directed her to sit, she sat and got a treat. As we were walking, I would randomly call her name and every single time she looked at me with her expecting eyes, as if to say, “What?”

However, Ruby is not a very confident dog. Actually she’s quite unsure of herself and I realized that I had to exhibit confidence so she could pick up on it…it worked! The more calm,confident and sure of myself, the more she began to hold her head up high. By the end of our walk, she looked like a little stallion prancing through the grass. With a little love, encouragement and confidence building this little lady shined like the gem her mommy thinks she is.

Keep checking my blog because I’ll be posting about her siblings here soon. Plus, I’ll be posting Ruby’s progress…

Happy Walking!
Kelley & Bear Bear

p.s. Interested in our dog walking services? Please click here
p.p.s. Like to read a little more about the importance of dog walking? Check out this article by the ASPCA

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