sit-stay-play at the FAIR

For those of you who will be stopping by the fair this week, take a minute and stop by my booth in Heartland Hall to say HELLO.

We have tons of literature on various topics, such as: Responsible Pet Ownership, Crate Training, Calming the Fearful Dog, Living with Multiple Dogs, How to Greet a Dog, Responsible Pit Bull Ownership and of course information about my business.

If you’d like to try your luck at winning something, we have 12 gift bags filled with dog or cat goodies (you select which one you’d like to win). Each ticket is $1 and we’re drawing names nightly.

Face-painting and temporary tattoos are available for $1 each for the young ones. Come get a kitty cat, dog, football, rainbow, flower, balloon, peace sign, butterfly, tennis ball, sports logo, school initials or anything else (within reason) painted on your arm or face…

This is my second year having a booth at the fair and I tell you what, the possiblities are endless. Where else at the fair can you talk about poop? Dog poop as a matter of fact. Cleaning up dog poop (and cat poop) is one of the services I offer…so if you’d like your yard, cage, or kitty litter box cleaned out—give me a call!

Now besides talking about poop, I love talking about the other great things dogs (and cats) do and would like other ‘dog’ people to stop by, who knows, you could discover something new, have a need for my services in the future (or know someone who might) or win a really great prize!!

Thanks All!

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