Adventures in Pet Sitting

I’ve been at this pet sitting, dog walking, poop scooping thing for a while and it’s kept me busy. 🙂
With technology more and more used by people these days, it was time for me to start a BLOG and share with people the joys of my new career. I hope to one day be able to focus on my business full-time, have independent contractors working with me and have a very successful business here in Muncie, possibly branching out to other cities. My daughter’s going to start college next fall and the plan is to start marketing in the area she’ll be moving to so she can work that end of the business. Keep your fingers crossed!
I’m open for whatever God has for me and if this is how He intends to bless me, I’ll be grateful. I’ll continue to do my work with utmost care and professionalism because that’s the type of person I am. He knows I’m an ‘animal-person’ and my dream has always been to work with pets so I’ll just keep pursuing my dream.
Without further adieu, I’ll get on to the BLOG…
This little guy climbing my leg is Black Beard. Actually that’s not his real name
but his spunky little attitude and mischievious ways reminds me of the infamous character . . .

Don’t ask me to name all these little ones, I just call them all ‘kitties’. Although Black Beard is in their somewhere.

My visit with these little ones consisted of feeding, watering and applying medicine to one injured little fella. He got a nasty bite from someone or something, maybe one of his siblings…?

The little critters stay outside 24/7 and have a handy-dandy little cat box to use. Never seen a cat box outside, that’s a first. Owner says the kitties use it and will wait in line—imagine that! They have a huge yard to eliminate in, pretty flower beds to defacaate in, yet they wait in line to use a stinky cat box! CRAZY!

The two canines at the home.

Cucho is a little feisty, but Copper is a lover boy 🙂

Reno is a mid-day potty break client…he’s a walking miracle, to say the least.

Reno’s got awesome pet owners and they love him like he’s one of their children.

I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to work with great people and all these fabulous critters!

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